Here are 6 numbers that show what our community has built this year.

28,453 Doors Knocked & Numbers Dialed

For those of you who have been part of the Neighbor to Neighbor community for a long time, this number won’t surprise you. We spend a lot of time talking to people in our community so we can fight for what our people actually want. One thing we’re especially proud of: This year, on one single day we had 55 people knocking doors – the biggest door knocking day in Neighbor to Neighbor history!

48 Member Meetings

Our members are the core of our work. Member meetings are the places where the work happens. This number represents thousands of hours that members collectively spent to plan, strategize, and build power.

13 Trainings for Member Leaders

Our people are powerful. We are at our best when members lead – that’s why we invest in training our people. This number represents trainings on tenants rights, public speaking, and just transition principles; trips to visit and learn from our local partners; and national convenings that build movement leadership.

8 Actions

Three renters’ rallies in Springfield and Holyoke. Standouts outside buildings owned by negligent landlords. Rallies for rent control outside the statehouse, and marches in D.C. for tenants’ rights.

2 Victories

We won! We’re proud of two big victories this year: Winning an Office of Tenant Protection in Holyoke and purchasing a community kitchen, representing a big step towards a just transition in our community.

$273,274 and 188 Supporters

Individuals throughout Massachusetts have supported the work of our members in our four chapter cities – Holyoke, Springfield, Lynn, and Worcester. With your support, our members have seen incredible advances in issues that matter most to them and will make Massachusetts a better place to live for all of us.

Here’s to knocking more doors, training more leaders, and building power in 2024!