City Council’s job is to represent us. That means all of us, whether you’re Black, white, or brown, immigrant or lifelong local, and no matter how much money you have. 

But there’s a problem: too many people on City Council are standing in the way of the changes that Lynn residents actually want. They don’t stand up for us on the issues that matter most, like housing, jobs and mental health. And, City Council doesn’t actually represent us. In a city that is majority people of color, out of 11 city councilors only two are Asian and only one is Black. 

We can shift the balance of power by voting for candidates who will fight for us on City Council this fall. Our people want housing we can afford, good jobs for all, and a Lynn where everyone can thrive. We can elect a City Council that will fight for our vision.

Here’s what you can do to be a part of that change.

Sign up for a canvass shift and get out the vote!

 Join a fun team to get out the vote and make sure diverse working-class people are represented. Canvass shifts are every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and every Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Sign up here to let us know you’ll be there.

Drop-ins welcome. Training and Spanish interpretation at every shift.

Election volunteer recruitment

Every Tuesday join the N2N Lynn Chapter to make recruitment calls and build multiracial working class power in Lynn!

Sign up here to let us know you’ll be there.

We provide training, coaching, and a radically hospitable environment where you can build community, listen to tunes, and have a great time making Lynn a better place for all.

Interpretation is provided for Spanish speakers.