Knocking doors during last year’s election cycle.

It’s always election time at Neighbor to Neighbor. Right now, we’re looking ahead to this November and planning to build democracy from the ground up – starting with the city council in Lynn and the mayor’s office in Springfield.

First, we’re setting our sights on the city council in Lynn. In 2021, we upset the Holyoke City Council, electing N2N member champion, Jose Maldonado, along with a slate of progressive allies who are taking over City Hall from the conservative old guard. In Lynn, active members have been preparing to run for office, gaining skills through their work in the 2022 elections with N2N. We are gearing up to run a slate of tried and true members on a shared platform as we make a bid to take over City Hall ward by ward.

We’re also looking at Springfield, where it’s an election year for the mayor. We want a mayor who represents our people and our values. Two years ago our people shut down a polluting biomass plant in Springfield, and now we want to tap into clean, renewable energy through a Community Choice Energy Aggregation Program. Right now we’re organizing with tenants to hold corporate landlords accountable for needed repairs. We want a mayor who will take a bold stance on environmental justice, housing justice, and the issues that impact our lives.

We’re ready to knock some doors and get out the vote. Thank you for your support.