This is not your average policy platform. What makes it different? 

  • This platform is the result of deep democracy. This spring, Lynn neighbors and community organizations decided together what we want for our city and our future – and what we need to hear from candidates in the 2023 election to feel good about supporting them. We created this policy platform together. 
  • It’s not finished – and that’s okay. We’re out in the streets talking to neighbors, knocking on doors, and always learning more about what our neighbors want and need. This platform can and will evolve to best reflect the voice of Lynn. 
  • Your feedback is requested. Your ideas matter. Do you see what’s most important to you reflected here? Is there anything you would add or change? Fill out this form to send us your feedback – we want to hear from you.  

Policy Platform

Housing with Dignity for All

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, your home is a place where you should feel safe and secure – it’s the heart of your daily life. We need to rewrite the rules, set new terms, and make sure we all have a comfortable, healthy home in the neighborhoods we love, no matter our color or how much money we have in our wallets.

Community Health and Well-being 

We need a systems-based approach to community well-being – a new way of doing things that will help our loved ones who are struggling with addiction, mental health, and sickness get well and stay well. We need an approach that is integrated in all city services and provides a wraparound model of care to meet all of our needs. Our vision includes a public safety strategy that protects everyone, no matter your color, mental health or recovery status.

Healthy Neighborhoods and Environment 

We call for a healthy environment and a livable climate for all. We want to power our future with clean, local, renewable energy at rates we can afford. We need green spaces and sustainable infrastructure to benefit us all and prepare Lynn for the future. We support the cleanup of our communities, from Lynn Beach to zero-waste strategies for managing our waste.

Meaningful and Dignified Jobs

If you work for a living, you should be able to earn a good living – no matter your color or your age, how long you’ve lived here, or what language you speak. We believe in good jobs, new cooperatively owned businesses, and good public transit to get us to work and back home. We call for training and resources to support you in getting and keeping a good job in Lynn.

Accountability, Transparency, and Accessibility in Government

The only way for democracy to work for all of us is if democracy includes all of us – people from every neighborhood in Lynn and all walks of life. We believe in a city government that is accountable to the people, transparent about decision-making, and accessible to all, from the ballot box to the city budget and everything in between. We call on our elected officials to lead with us – nothing about us without us.

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