Did you know that for every 100,000 people who live in Massachusetts, 275 are incarcerated? That rate is higher than almost any democracy in the world.

And speaking of democracy, if you’re incarcerated with a felony in Massachusetts, you’re disenfranchised at every level – local, state, or federal. 

The right to vote is the most basic tenet of our democracy. And yet, incarcerated people were systematically disenfranchised by a ballot initiative from 2000. 

It’s time to right that wrong.

Watch the recording of our July 2023 webinar to hear from our incarcerated friends and family on losing their right to vote and learn how you can join the movement to restore this fundamental human right. We are proud to be part of the No Longer 3/5ths Coalition that hosted this webinar, working together to restore the right to vote for all.

Watch the webinar from July 2023.