With you by our side, Neighbor to Neighbor has won countless victories over the last 25 years.

You’ve helped us back the leadership of N2N members, who align with our values, to step up to run for office. You’ve helped us champion policies to raise the minimum wage and win paid medical leave. You’ve helped us stop polluters like the Mt. Tom coal plant from putting their own profits before the health of our people and planet.

Thanks to you, we have a lot to celebrate as our organization turns 25. And your support means we’re gearing up for an even more powerful future.

Our team is stronger than ever, and we’re growing. We’re excited to welcome Terry Gibson, Cultural & Field Organizer, Enid Ramos-Ginés, Springfield Organizer, and Ruthy Rickenbacker, Communications & Digital Coordinator, to the team!

Going forward, N2N will lead the way on campaigns for community control and community ownership.

We’re fighting to make housing a social good, bring democracy to the workplace, and ensure that our people live in safe, healthy communities and are at the leading edge of the clean energy economy.

Thanks to you, N2N will continue to be a place, a true political home, that pushes the boundaries of what is possible – for 25 more amazing years to come.