Mutual Aid during COVID-19

Neighbor to Neighbor quickly shifted to aid our communities, connecting residents to essential resources and assistance. We are spearheading a Mutual Aid database and a Neighborhood Point Person Program to ensure that residents are not left behind or neglected during physical distancing. Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve built on our community networks so that all who wish to contribute to our efforts have the opportunity to.
Join us by adding your resources to our Mutual Aid database:
(Resources can range from Covid-19 testing support, Education, Transportation services, Mental Health Support, Housing/ Utilities support, Financial support, Meal Services)
For information on how you as an individual can help your neighbors and become a neighbor point person (NPP). The NPP’s are the contact liaison for neighbors and resources available. The NPP’s are willing to have their info shared with their neighborhood so people can call and tell them what they are in need of. NPP’s are the first in line to building a strong community during this uncertain time.