What We Do

In an era of income inequality, environmental degradation, and racism, our chapters in Lynn, Worcester, Springfield, and Holyoke are building the power to confront this triple crisis in Massachusetts. We fill the ballot box with our votes.  We fill the streets with our voices. We seed the new alternatives that put power and decision-making in the hands of those directly affected.  We know that a better world is possible and that we are the ones who will build it.


Mutual Aid during COVID-19

Neighbor to Neighbor quickly shifted to aid our communities, connecting residents to essential resources and assistance. We are spearheading a Mutual Aid database and a Neighborhood Point Person Program to ensure that residents are not left behind or neglected during physical distancing. Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve built on our community networks so that […]

Voter Empowerment

Voter empowerment, for us, is not just about getting people out to vote— it is about using our power to transform government into a democracy.

Environmental Justice

In 2014, we closed the last coal plant in the state. Now, with 40,000 tons of toxic ash seeped into our water and our farmlands, we continue the fight to ensure a thorough clean-up of the site and new jobs for Holyoke.

We also show up for Black Lives Matter, the Fight for $15, and other movements on the path to liberation.

Victories: What We’ve Won


Stopped Polluting Biomass Plant

Stopped a polluting biomass plant proposed in Springfield, MA, which already has some of the highest asthma rates in the country.


Launched First Community Garden

Launched our first community garden in Holyoke in response to the impacts of COVID-19 and food insecurity, and to ground the community in resiliency, land, and environment.


Won Environmental Justice Policy

Won the first-ever statewide Environmental Justice policy in Massachusetts alongside our partners at the MA Environmental Justice Table.


Secured Funding to Repair Gerena School

Secured $2.5 million to fix severe mold issues at the German Gerena Community School in Springfield, MA.


Won A Step Towards Criminal Justice Reform

Won a significant step in criminal justice reform by repealing automatic license suspension for people convicted of drug-related crimes.


Won Earned Sick Time

Earned sick time for all workers in Massachusetts, allowing 1 million more people to take time off when they’re sick or need to care for a family member.


Increased the Minimum Wage

We increased the state minimum wage in 1999, 2006, and 2014, making Massachusetts’ the highest state minimum wage in the U.S.


Shut Down the Mt. Tom Coal Plant

Shut down the state’s last coal plant, which had contributed for years to Holyoke’s poor air quality and high rates of asthma.


Won Translation & Interpretation for Parents

Lynn parents secured translation & interpretation for all parents and guardians in the Lynn Public Schools.


Restored Dental Benefits

Restored dental benefits to Mass Health, allowing everyone access to regular cleanings and fillings.


Expanded Public Transit

Expanded public transit in gateway cities, increasing the number of buses and trains to get our people to work and to school.


Banned the Box: CORI Reform

An historic civil rights victory that made Massachusetts the 2nd state in the U.S. to prohibit employers from asking about a person’s criminal history on an initial job application.


Closed Corporate Tax Loopholes

The most progressive tax reform in Massachusetts since World War II, eliminating the capital gains loophole as part of a fair tax package worth over $1 billion in new revenue.


Increased Voter Engagement by 400%

Since 1996, we have increased voter engagement by 50% in the lowest-income districts in our cities, and by 400% in neighborhoods with historically low voter turnout.

Our Theory of Change


We view our society as a tree, rooted in particular values and beliefs. Out of those roots grow systems, such as our government and our economy (the trunk), whose policies and programs (the branches) yield the reality of everyday life in our communities (the fruits).

If we are to change our lives, we must change our society, from the roots up. We seed the powerful values of love, gratitude, imagination, courage, solidarity, abundance, and integrity through our chapters and our campaigns, transforming our government and our economy to remake reality in our communities.

Our core values

  • n2n-value-courage
    We claim our power as workers, immigrants, women, and people of color, and we play to win.
  • n2n-value-love
    Love is our north star, our guiding light. We start from the heart and lead from a place of service to a larger whole.
  • n2n-value-gratitude
    We thank each other, our allies, and the elders who make us powerful– as individuals and as an organization.
  • n2n-value-imagination
    We dream big. We are launching new experiments across the state that put people and planet before profit.
  • n2n-value-integrity
    We make the road by walking–so how we walk matters. We embody the values we propose for our society at large.
  • n2n-value-abundance
    There is plenty to go around, in our economy and in our movements. We find wealth in our interdependence.
  • n2n-value-solidarity
    We are well if you are well.