Who We Are

Your World. Your Power. Your Liberation.

We are the “new majority”: people of color, immigrants, women, and the working class, on a path to liberation.  Our statewide membership is organizing to put people and the planet before profit. We counter the fear that causes injustice by building power to transform the institutions that govern our lives.

In an era of income inequality, environmental degradation, and racism, our chapters are building the power to confront this triple crisis in Massachusetts. We fill the ballot box with our votes.  We fill the streets with our voices. We seed the new alternatives that put power and decision-making in the hands of those directly affected.  We are certain that a better world is possible and that we are the ones to build it.


N2N has 15,000 community members who take action with us by registering to vote, signing petitions, calling their legislators, and marching in the streets. Over 280 of them volunteer with us each year.

How do we inspire and activate so many people? Our members.

At the heart of every victory are the 50 leaders who meet regularly to create campaigns, plan public actions, and educate their neighbors door-to-door.


Ana Salazar

Worcester Organizer

Elvis Méndez

Executive Director

Enid Ramos-Ginés

Springfield Organizer

Gabe Cohen-Glinick

Lynn Organizer

Karla Rodriguez

Operations Manager

Katie Talbot

Lead Organizer

Lena Entin

Training Coordinator

Miles Gresham

Campaign Director

Ruthy Rickenbacker

Communications & Digital Coordinator

Terry Gibson

Cultural Organizer

Zulmalee Rivera

Member Support & Events Coordinator


  • National People’s Action: National People’s Action (NPA) is a network of grassroots organizations with a fierce reputation for direct action from across the country that work to advance a national economic and racial justice agenda.
  • Center for Popular Democracy: The Center for Popular Democracy works to create equity, opportunity, and democracy in partnership with grassroots organizations and progressive unions, strengthening our collective capacity to win racial and economic justice.
  • Jobs Not Jails: Jobs Not Jails is the largest campaign to end mass incarceration in Massachusetts history.
  • Raise Up Massachusetts: Raise Up Massachusetts is a coalition of more than 150 community organizations, labor groups, and faith organizations working to improve the quality of life for all Massachusetts residents.
  • Green Justice Coalition: The Green Justice Coalition is a partnership of community groups, labor unions, and environmental organizations supporting a sustainable, equitable, and clean-energy economy in the Boston region.
  • Massachusetts Voter Table: The Massachusetts Voter Table seeks to increase the share of the vote that comes from the “Rising Massachusetts Electorate,” made up of people of color, low-income people, women and youth.
  • Action for a Healthy Holyoke! (AHH!) is a coalition of community and labor groups committed to making Holyoke a healthy place to live, work, play, worship, and go to school.
  • Jobs with Justice brings together labor, community, faith, and student groups to win improvements in people’s lives and shape the public discourse on worker’s rights and the economy.
  • New Lynn Coalition: The New Lynn Coalition is an alliance of grassroots organizations, labor unions, and direct-services agencies, creating jobs and ensuring a vibrant economic future for the people of Lynn.
  • The Worcester Community Labor Coalition The Worcester Community Labor Coalition was formed in 2012 as an effort to secure a voice for community participation in the major decisions taking place in Worcester.


We thank the generous donors and foundations who have been sustaining our work for over two decades.