Members and organizers at Urban Tilth in Richmond, CA.

Last fall, your support brought 23 members and organizers to Richmond, CA for a deep dive into Just Transition that expanded our minds and deepened our connection to the work.

When we’re talking about Just Transition, we’re talking about a framework we use to vision our future and strategize our path to get there. We’ve been talking about Just Transition for years, and this past fall, we finally got to live it together.

“The way I think, the way I approach, the way I work has been changed. I feel the growth and I’m excited!”

Michael Satterwhite, Lynn Member
Members checking out the greenhouses at Urban Tilth.

We learned from leaders at Rich City Rides, a hub for community bicycling that addresses sustainable transportation, physical and mental health, economic prosperity and community wellbeing all in one. We visited Urban Tilth, a group that trains people to cultivate agriculture, feed ourselves, and restore relationships to land to build a more just, healthy and sustainable food system.

Learning how these powerful organizations are living out the Just Transition framework in their work grounded us in our own. We reflected on our own campaigns at home, let ourselves explore every possibility, and came home re-energized to think bigger and better.