“We are in a crisis. Not just here in Holyoke, but a global crisis. And I know we have the power to make this place better, starting right here.”

– Jessie Cruz, N2N Member

Jessie was in her 20’s when she received the call to serve her community. A near-death experience made clear for her that she had a special calling to be a pastor by vocation.

When her friend and N2N organizer Enid Ramos asked her to become a member, she said yes right away. As she puts it, any organization that is going to make the community better is one she’s going to join.

Jessie isn’t new to bringing people together and inspiring them to take action – that’s what her ministry is all about. With N2N, she’s been connecting with people who are impacted by the housing crisis and motivating them to build power together. The way she sees it, it’s about the whole community. What makes one person’s life better makes all our lives better.

“I don’t limit myself to thinking about my own home, my own grandkids, my own church,” said Jessie. “The whole city, the whole state, the whole U.S., the whole planet is my home.”

You’re supporting members like Jessie in doing this work on the ground – thank you!