Photo of Nancy Lopez

Meet Nancy Lopez, a N2N member who spent hours and hours knocking on doors and talking to neighbors in Springfield last fall.

Nancy first got involved with N2N seven years ago – she remembers coming to our office in downtown Springfield, on the second floor above a restaurant. The first campaign she worked on was with the N2N Action Fund to elect a progressive ally to Springfield City Council.

“I like to help the community. I never miss a meeting.”

Nancy Lopez, N2N Member

This year, she reconnected with Enid, our Springfield Organizer, on Facebook and hit the streets with our team to bring neighbors out to vote. Even after long days of knocking doors, N2N members would cheer when they passed each other in the streets to keep the excitement going.

Nancy stays involved because she likes bringing people together, going in groups to elected officials’ offices to fight for what we believe in, and getting her community out to vote.