Springfield Organizer

Enid is a Puerto Rican woman. In search of new opportunities, she left her island seeking to improve the quality of life and the health of her children. She came to Springfield, Massachusetts as a single mother, with no family or friends. 

Grateful for all the opportunities she received, Enid volunteered for five years in the Springfield community, supporting single mothers by guiding them in getting needed help through programs that provide them with quality of life for their family, especially for children with special needs. Enid does not take “NO” for an answer and she is always accompanied by those who have not lost a single battle. Her FAITH is unshakeable and with these weapons she constantly communicates with politicians to describe the needs of their community. She is dedicated to educating people about the power of voting to transform the community in a positive way. Enid’s current position in Neighbor to Neighbor focuses on addressing the needs of the community and she is committed to working together as a team to achieve sustainable and relevant changes for all.