On Saturday, January 27th, more than 40 people packed the Lynn office to lay the groundwork for our next big plan to move us toward our vision of safe, comfortable, and dignified housing. This campaign will build on our wins with our partners at Lynn United for Change and Essex County Community Organization, which secured and shepherded $5.5M from the American Rescue Plan Act to fund a community housing plan and $10.4M for other affordable housing projects and programs in Lynn.

At the strategy session, we did an assessment of power, who has it, and how it’s used in Lynn. From there, we’re crafting our strategy to build the power we need to win. And for the first time ever, Neighbor to Neighbor has two powerful members on Lynn City Council. Now that the new City Council has been sworn in, we’re eyeing the next steps on housing in Lynn to get us closer to our vision of dignified housing we all can afford.

Neighbor to Neighbor envisions community ownership of land and housing and an abundance of dignified, affordable homes. We see renters protected by a Tenant Bill of Rights and other statewide policies that end rent hikes, no-fault evictions, and landlord neglect. It’s a vision worth fighting for. We’re ready to make it real.