Job Description:

  • Supervises all base-building organizers (currently 4 organizers)
    • Mentors and supports the growth of organizers
      • Supports organizers as they: plan base-building strategies and tactics, run deep canvassing operations, manage data, facilitate meetings and trainings, coordinate committees, train and coach member-leaders, incorporate political education throughout our work, make complex decisions, navigate and resolve conflict, etc.
    • Dedicates time working side-by-side with organizers in the field
      • Ideally twice a month per chapter
      • Physically grounded in one N2N chapter, building relationships with members and engaging in base-building in that one chapter
    • Coaches, supports and holds each organizer accountable through weekly supervision
      • Supports organizers in creating systems for their work, setting timelines with clear goals, and tracking progress
    • Leads assessments, evaluations and feedback for N2N’s organizers for growth and learning
    • Stewards a strong organizing team through weekly or bi-weekly Organizer Meetings that ensure all chapter’s work is aligned with overall strategic vision
      • Supports communication between organizers working state-wide to ensure cohesion and collaboration among our team
  • Onboarding & hiring new organizers
    • Develop strong onboarding process in collaboration with leadership team and organizing team
    • Oversight and ownership over hiring and interviewing future organizers
  • Supporting in training program
    • Works closely with organizers in developing and carrying out trainings with members and leaders
    • Identify trainings from outside the organization and support organizers and members in attending
  • Alignment among campaigns and Just Transition projects
    • Close collaboration with Campaigns Director to align all campaigns to a cohesive strategic vision and base-building arc
    • Close collaboration with Project Coordinator to align Just Transition projects to a cohesive strategic vision and base-building arc
    • Work with organizers, member leaders, and Campaigns Director to complete strategic and comprehensive power analysis for all of our campaigns
  • Organizational leadership
    • Strong leader in setting and carrying out the vision and methodology of N2N
      • Works with organizing team to work within organizing methodology
    • Works with leadership team on developing and implementing state-wide strategic vision with short and long-term goals
    • Holds teams accountable and acknowledges growing edges (in self and others)
  • Financial Management & Fundraising
    • Works with organizers to manage chapter budgets and supports in creating the annual organizational budget
    • Cultivates relationships with individual donors and Program Officers and Foundation staff people
    • Helps development team with grant proposals and reports by regularly updating them on organizing and campaign goals, strategies, and activities. This may, at times, require written updates.

We are seeking applicants who have most, if not all, of the following qualifications and experience:

  • Organizing: Strong track record working with grassroots organizations, unions or political campaigns; demonstrated experience developing an effective field program (door to door canvassing, phone banking, and table and community events) to advance organizing and campaign goals; demonstrated experience in working with a team of organizers or canvassers in developing, implementing and evaluating field plans; strong experience in using the Voter Activation Network (VAN) to build field plans, track progress and conduct data analysis. Has both local and statewide/regional organizing experience. National organizing experience is a plus but not required.
  • Digital organizing: Experienced with campaigns that integrate digital and on-the-ground organizing, and as such will be able to help mentor and support organizers in identifying useful ways to integrate digital organizing into their campaigns.
  • N2N Alignment: Committed to N2N’s mission and values and to community organizing as a core strategy for building power among historically excluded communities; strong political analysis, including a grasp of the intersections of economic, environmental, racial and gender justice; willing and able to embrace N2N’s process-oriented, collaborative culture. Move forward N2N’s vision; Ability to build trust with working-class people across race, gender, language, and political party/ideology including with Latine, white, Black, API, and/or Indigenous people
  • Leadership: Able to see the “big picture” and translate vision and goals into actionable plans; capable of taking initiative within a team-based organizational structure; able to connect, coach and inspire a team of organizers and canvassers; experience designing and facilitating meetings; creative problem-solver; intuitive listener, skilled at establishing and cultivating strong relationships with a diverse range of people, across the organization, and with allies, donors and funders
  • Management: Skilled planner, able to set clear goals and measurable objectives to meet goals; able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously; ability to meet deadlines; experience running a statewide or regional electoral or issue campaign, experience coordinating or supervising a team of organizers or canvassers, including working with others to reach common goals and objectives; strong organizational and time management skills; exceptional attention to detail.
  • Supervision: Skilled in giving feedback that is within agitation style and based on organizers self-interest that pushes organizers to grow in healthy ways. Also eager to be part of horizontal accountability structures, which invites feedback from supervisees and receives and implement feedback from supervisees.
  • Communications: Ability to clearly and simply convey ideas orally and in writing; comfort and ability to stay connected to the rest of N2N through our established internal communications standards, including staff meetings, supervisory meetings, use of project management software, and prompt use and response of e-mail, text and phone communications.
  • Fundraising: Some experience in individual donor cultivation, solicitation, or other forms of organizing money; or be open and enthusiastic to learning.
  • Travel: Must have a valid driver’s license and be able and willing to travel to N2N chapters on a regular basis.
  • Language: bilingual in English & Spanish (preferred but not required)

Salary range: $80-100k. Benefits include 5 weeks vacation, sick days, fully paid health and disability insurance, travel reimbursement, a pension program, and opportunities for career growth.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to by October 20th, 2023.