Renters at Springfield Gardens Apartment held their first press conference to bring attention to needed repairs. 

As I’m sure you saw, this summer, the median price for a single-family home in Massachusetts hit an all-time high. In response, Neighbor to Neighbor led a campaign for homes we all can afford – because housing is meant to be for the good of all, not the profits of a few.

In Springfield, tenants at the Springfield Gardens Apartments, who have been fighting for months for repairs, won media attention this month with their first press conference. Residents spoke about the terrible conditions: broken doors, moldy ceilings, and more, all from years of landlords’ neglect.

With your support, in Lynn, members brought the community housing plan we drafted together with partners to the mayor. The plan brings our bold vision to the city – paving the way for opportunities like cooperative housing, while also offering incentives to small landlords to make critical repairs. Members are outraged that the mayor, whose platform in the 2021 elections included a commitment to housing, isn’t backing the plan… yet. Join us as we bring more people power to hold the city accountable.