Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund is proud to announce our endorsement of Sen. Adam Gomez in his run for re-election to the Massachusetts State Senate this year. 

“Sen. Adam Gomez is of Springfield, by Springfield, for Springfield. He is a product of our city, from Plainfield to Forest Park,” said Bennita Watford, member of Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund. “Sen. Gomez has lived at the center of everything wrong with our city, from homelessness to gun violence. He’s also been leading at the center of everything that’s going right, from kickstarting small business to funding our schools.”

Sen. Adam Gomez has been a member of Neighbor to Neighbor since 2014, two years before he won his first-ever bid for elected office. Sen. Gomez served on the Springfield City Council for four years before his successful run for Hampden District State Senator. 

“I am proud to have earned the endorsement and support of Neighbor to Neighbor. As a member of the power building organization since 2014, I continue to share their values in working toward a collective wellbeing in Massachusetts,” said Sen. Adam Gomez. “It is in partnership with Neighbor to Neighbor that I have been able to play an active role in victories from my own community to across Massachusetts, spanning from funding to repair our education settings to housing stability investments.”

Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts Action Fund is building democracy by putting our people — working people who are Black, brown and white, immigrants and lifelong locals — at the center of civic engagement in their communities.

“Sen. Gomez’s successful run for Hampden District State Senator was a victory for working people and his time in office has proved that to be true,” said Dálida Rocha, Executive Director of Neighbor to Neighbor Action Fund. “I am proud to endorse Sen. Gomez because he puts action behind his values and keeps his feet firmly rooted in Springfield while he leads at the state level.”

Sen. Gomez has remained loyal to the issues he worked on as a city councilor, continuing to lead on gun violence, jobs and education at the neighborhood level while representing Springfield in statewide decisions on housing, racial justice and more every day. 

The Primary Election is Tuesday, September 3rd with the General Election to follow on Tuesday, November 5th.