We made history! Natasha Megie-Maddrey and Nicole McClain are the first Afro-Latina and first Black women ever elected to Lynn City Council, upending the establishment in a city where people of color are the majority. Natasha also made Neighbor to Neighbor history – our first member elected to City Council in Lynn.

Natasha is a working class woman, the daughter of immigrants, and she was running to represent Ward 4 on a council that by and large has not been made up of people who look like the people who live in her ward. On election night, voter turnout in Ward 4 soared, with an increase of 37% over the last time there was a comparable city council race. Our people are ready for change. 

From Lynn to Holyoke, we knocked doors and dialed numbers for 25,000 people. We broke our own records with 55 people knocking doors across the state on one Saturday alone. All in all, 13 of our endorsed candidates were elected. 

We’ve built a powerful group of people through this work that will shape Lynn far beyond election day. Thanks for standing with us.