Member Profiles

N2N has 15,000 community members who take action with us by registering to vote, signing petitions, calling their legislators, and marching in the streets. Over 280 of them volunteer with us each year.

How do we inspire and activate so many people each year? Our leaders.

At the heart of every victory are our members: the 50 or so leaders who meet regularly to build campaigns, plan public actions, and educate their neighbors by going door-to-door. N2N supports the leadership of this committed group through training and internships, and they, in turn, support the leadership of the broader community by inspiring thousands to take action each year.

Get to know a few of our leaders here:

Jason Martinez

Jason Martinez got involved with Neighbor to Neighbor in 2015 and is now a leader of our Jobs Not Jails campaign in Springfield.

Gloria Ramirez

Gloria is healing herself, her community, and our planet through her work with Neighbor to Neighbor.

Leon Marín

Leon is a dedicated father of four and a leader of our educational justice work in Lynn.

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos led the Holyoke chapter to victory last year, when we shut down the last coal plant in Massachusetts.

Paul Coombs

Paul is a longtime Lynn resident who has fought to make sure that Lynn’s diverse population is represented in city government.

Miosotis Cintrón

Miosotis has interpreted many meetings, provided hundreds of rides, and spoken publicly on the ways that our justice system and our schools are failing young people of color.