Lynn Organizer

Gabe Cohen-Glinick is originally from Providence, Rhode Island, but came to Massachusetts to study at Clark University in Worcester and has now lived in the Boston area since 2019. He became passionate about community-based social justice movements and organizing through his learning in Women’s and Gender Studies, focusing on alternative/feminist masculinities and environmental justice. During his time in Worcester, he became involved around issues of homelessness and criminal justice reform through his work with EPOCA, a member-led, grassroots advocacy organization focused on intersections of the criminal justice system, economic inequity, and homelessness. Joining N2N in 2021 as the Lynn Organizer, Gabe is focused on strengthening relationships and building power in Lynn to fight for housing justice, political representation, and beyond. When not organizing with the Lynn community, Gabe loves spending time with family and loved ones, doing art, and being in nature.