• What’s happening with the housing bills at the State House

    Right now, at the State House, there are a number of important housing bills that would take important steps towards a more just state. Here’s a brief summary of the bills that we’re endorsing. 

  • As Housing Unaffordability Grows, One Bill Stands Out

    This bill would dedicate funds to build and repair affordable housing that our state desperately needs. 

  • The Next Phase of Housing Justice in Lynn

    Now that the new City Council has been sworn in, we’re eyeing the next steps on housing in Lynn to get us closer to our vision of dignified housing we all can afford.

  • Introducing our Executive Director: Dálida Rocha!

    In January, Dálida Rocha officially began leading our organization. There’s so much to know about Dálida, but here’s a start.

  • Important housing bill needs your support

    TOPA would give tenants the chance to buy their homes if their landlord decides to sell – meaning that instead of your home in the hands of a new landlord, it’s in the hands of you and your community.

  • We’re Hiring: Worcester Chapter Organizer

    Join our team! Learn more and apply to be the next Worcester Chapter Organizer.

  • Members Testify in Support of Affordable Homes Act

    The hearing was packed with residents and housing advocates, most of whom were in support of the Affordable Homes Act (H.4138) as a means to mitigate the housing crisis facing the state. 

  • 2023 By The Numbers

    Here are 6 numbers that show what our community has built this year.

  • Check out our favorite photos from the year

    2023 was a big year. But the best part of our year is always our community.